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The Art of Prints,
60 years of creation by LEONARD PARIS

It is a tale of elegance that began in 1958 with Jacques Léonard.

It is the story of a brand whose imagination is inhabited by a garden of extraordinary flowers. Camellias, arums and orchids, are the emblems of the house...

A bouquet that leaves the delicious scent of LEONARD in its wake. This poetic and refined fragility becoming its DNA.

As light as the silk jersey that stands out as its preferred material, its particular savoir-faire.

From the creation of LEONARD, this renowned "art of flowers" has become the brand's signature. The art of representing flowers, using the powdered design technique borrowed from Chinese artists, and the art of wearing them, by depicting them onto materials that are as fine as they are light, such as silk, cashmere and the famous silk jersey.

With it, everything is aerial, from the prints to its fluidity. An elegant evanescence, which is perfectly embodied in this featherweight, wrinkle-free fabric.

Since 1968, this silk jersey has become the house's "signature". Indeed, the house's original slogan promised "150 grams of happiness" in a LEONARD dress. A promise that is kept, enabling LEONARD to establish itself in the world as a major French fashion house. LEONARD designs collections that represent the essence of Parisian fashion, and their success is evident.

Decades later, the 5,000 exclusive sketches of the private mansion on rue Jean Giraudoux where LEONARD is established, continue to inspire the house's creations. Each season, the teams revisit designs from the past, bringing back to life emblematic models such as the teddy, the pagoda sleeve dress or the kimono, the mini tunic dress or the extra large palazzo pants.

In Italy and France, behind the scenes of the fabric manufacturing and printing factories, the magic of unique techniques and historical savoir-faire unfolds. It is there that the iconic prints are elaborated, under the hands of the best craftsmen who work the printing frame, hand roll the fabric, and supervise all the finishing touches.

Since 2021, Georg Lux, as the house'sCreative Director, has been working to enhance the LEONARD silhouette with elegance and femininity. To bring forth a new vision of the brand's heritage: a modern and sustainable look, an ambitious and creative approach. Where silk, floral prints and high standards remain the guiding principles.


In July 2022, the Sankyo Seiko group, based in Osaka and partner of Leonard in Japan for about fifty years, acquired the famous French luxury house. Now headed by Akira Inoue, it has been part of the Colbert Committee since 1970 and has been on the calendar of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion since 1994.